Events & Projects 2014 - 2015


The foundation of every state is the service of underprivileged peoples.
“SHASHA FOUNDATION” was founded for this noble purpose and has been serving the cause for last 9 months

When you work to make things better and realize your hopes, the joy it yields is great and I wish to share the activities and achievements of this foundation to multiply that joy. The success of few inspires many to achieve more. It is therefore with a sense of pride and the desire to motivate that I begin with the first meeting of our foundation.


Board meeting

On 14th of July 2014, Shasha foundation’s first board meeting for the year was held at Jai Nager Park ,Koyambedu and , in which the forthcoming events were discussed and Roles of Members as been Distributed


Accident free Nation

On 9th of August 2014, shasha foundation played a vital role in creating traffic awareness among the driving population of Chennai. This was done as a part of the ‘Accident free Nation’ , a campaign initiated by Thozhan. This campaign was very significant, as it covered all the important signals in Chennai. This campaign had a great reach in the city and this was an act to reduce the death rate due to road accidents.Mr .Velmurugan All India Press and media Association and inspector of police Sekar came as guest.


International Ozone day Celebration

On 16th of September 2014, shasha foundation commemorated the International Ozone Day, at the MMDA Govt school, Maduravoyal. On this significant day, the students of the latter whole heartedly took a pledge on ‘saving our earth’ and through this shasha foundation was a part of the world record though Assist book of records . Through this, shasha foundation , ignited the responsibility to save our earth amidst the younger population.

World Peace day Celebration

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” - Mahatma Gandhi

On 21st of September 2014, Shasha foundation was an integral part of the rally conducted to commemorate the world peace day, at Marina Beach. This rally covered a distance that extended from the Gandhi statue upto the Anna square. Members of the Shasha team played a vital role in the rally. This rally escorted with a motive to spread peace across the globe and to raise voice against the usage of atomic energy weapons, which is the major hindrance to the global peace.

Thithikum Diwali


On October 12, 2014, Shasha foundation organized the ‘thithikum diwali’ a fest for the needy children This was organized in association with The Gold Heart Foundation. On this day, diwali was celebrated with the deserving children of various shelter homes across Chennai. This day had a number of cultural programs staged for the children, which included the vibrant performance of the Shasha’s cultural team. Thus is day was a memorable one , as we witnessed great joy amidst the children.


Diwali Celebration at Manasa


In addition to ‘Thithikum Diwali’, on 22nd of October, Shasha foundation, celebrated diwali at Manasa home, with an intention of extending the beneficiary lot that seeks joy by celebrating this funfilled festival of lights. Through this, we were able to sense the happiness in the deserving children’s heart brought through this celebration.


Traffic awareness Campaign


On 27th of October 2014, Shasha foundation organized a traffic awareness campaign at the anna arch signal. Through this campaign, the Shasha team insisted the driving population to do a safe driving by wearing helmets and seatbelts, through the issue of pamphlets and holding placards that bore the message, facts of death due to road accidents and catchy slogans.


Children’s day Celebration

On 14th of November 2014, children’s day was celebrated by Shasha foundation at the MMDA govt school. The day was graced by the presence of the ‘Nadhaswaram’ fame Mr.Sureshkumar and Mr.Ranjith who is a famous TV anchor and also an active member of the Shasha foundation. Inclusive to the above, the entire team participated and the day was made a truly fruitful one.


Shasha Success meet 2014

The second board meeting of shasha foundation for the year was held on 30th of November 2014, at Anna Tower park. The meeting had a discussion on the forthcoming events and also cherished the success of the previous events.


MY Flag My India

On 7th of December 2014, Shasha foundation was an integral part of ‘MY FLAG MY INDIA’ a guiness record created by the rotary club by forming the largest human flag in the world. The former portrayed its patriotism towards India by its solemn participation in this event which was a great pride to the nation.


International Human rights day

On 10th December 2014, international human rights day was observed by conducting a rally from , MMDA middle school, Maduravoyal to Meetukupam, with a motive of creating awareness. After this, the students were taught the importance of Human rights and Child rights.


Chirstmas Celebration at Manasa

On 24th of December 2014, Shasha foundation celebrated Christmas at Manasa home. The birth of Christ was celebrated with the deserving lot by the team and shared joy with them thereby marking the birth of the Christ.


Safe New Year Event

On 27th of December 2014, ‘Safe new year campaign’ was conducted at Anna arch signal, through which the shasha team insisted on safe driving on new year eve, thereby accidents leading to death can be avoided. Also the driving population were insisted to avoid drunk and drive, which may cause hastle to themselves as well as to the fellow drivers. The campaign was really effective and it showed appropriate outcome.


Torch run on Road safety


On 11th of January 2015, Shasha foundation played a vital role in the ‘Torch run for road safety’ in which all NGO’s across Chennai participated. The entire torch run covered a distance of 40 kms that extended from Valluvar Kottam to Ashok pillar. In this, Shasha foundation covered a distance from Egmore to Ripon building. This was an act to create awareness to the public to follow the road safety rules.


Puthumai Pongal


On 18th of January 2015, ‘Puthumai pongal’, shasha’s unique way of celebrating pongal, was done at Gopalapuram, a village near Vandhavasi. It was a sort of rural rejuvenation programme, through which cultural programs by shasha’s cultural team was staged to the natives of the village. All cultural programs enclosed a social message in it, thereby it served as a tool to create awareness through entertainment. Also a series of games and competitions were conducted for the natives and prizes were distributed to the winners. The event concluded with the customary act of preparing and distributing sweet pongal.


Traffic Awareness Campaign


In addition to the serial of traffic awareness campaigns for accident free nation, another campaign was held on 25th of January 2015, at Anna arch signal, thereby insisting persistently to avoid road accidents by following safety rules. On the same day, a polio camp was held at Shasha mother home and through this camp, 100 kids were benefited.


Annual Day Celebration at MMDA Middle school

On 6th of February 2015, The mega event of the year, solely initiated by Shasha foundation, was the ‘Annual Day of MMDA middle school’. This was the idea and initiative of shasha foundation to do an event like this in a government school. It served as an opportunity to bring out the talents in the kids and also to cherish and appreciate those budding talents, that were unseen till date. The outcome of this effort was tremendous and mind-blowing that was portrayed through the performances of the kids.

Valentines day at Thiruvallur Gurukulam

On 14th of February 2015, Shasha foundation commemorated the Valentine’s day, by spending a day at Thiruvalluvar Gurukulam at Saidapet . This day was meaningfully spent with the kids of that home and they were entertained. Also special lunch was provided and gifts were given to them. The true purpose of the day, that is giving true love to the needy was fulfilled on that day.

Board meeting

On 15th of March, the third board meeting for the year was held at Shasha mother home amd the forthcoming events were discussed and action plan next three months .

Earth day celebration

The earth day, that is on 28th of March 2015, was observed by Shasha foundation, as an opportunity to express our gratitude towards our Mother earth. This event was held at Anna Tower park. The message of gratitude was conveyed through the act of kissing and hugging the model of earth. This would impose in us the responsibility to love and cherish our mother earth and thereby protect it or atleast to avoid the acts that would cause danger to it.

Traffic awareness campaign

Also another traffic awareness campaign was added to the series on 29th of April 2015, that was again an act of insisting to follow the safety rules to avoid road accidents. This persistent insisting had a great impact as the number of road accidents have drastically decreased when compared to the previous year.

Mothers day

On 10th of May, mother’s day was celebrated by Shasha by felicitating the mother of shasha’s members. On that day the entire crew visited each and every member’s home and felicitated and honored their mother by presenting a rose. It created heart touching moments for everyone on that significant day.

Rural Summer campaign

On 19th of May 2015, Shasha foundation wholly resourced the summer camp organized by the Institute for Sustainable Development at Arivu thirukovil, Avadi. The target group were rural students around Chennai. The team of Shasha handled sessions to the students on Time management, cleanliness, basic rights, good touch and bad touch, fitness and sports, etc. Also the cultural team of Shasha taught them dance and street play. Towards the end the children did a brief performance of the skills taught and gifts were given to all the students and also the best participants were given special gifts. The children were rejuvenated in all aspects on that day.

Inauguration of “Odor – Free Camp in Chennai”

It was the important program which was fully made for the purpose of social cause. Waste that is not properly managed can create serious health or social problems in a community. People can get seriously sick from badly managed waste problems. If they have to leave the community to spend time in hospital, the patient and their families can be badly affected by the separation. If waste is managed well, the cost of fixing problems does not become a burden. Effective Microorganisms will help to reduce the stench emanating from garbage as well as speed up the process of decomposition.

According to that we joined with The Consortium for Sanitation Redress (CSR) and many NGOs have suggested the use of Effective Microorganisms (EM) to manage garbage in the city. And also we are suggesting that the EM be sprayed at all the eight transfer stations where over 4,000 tonnes of fresh garbage is brought in by small-sized compactors and collected to be transferred to the dumping yards at Perungudi and Kodungaiyur using large compactors. This Article came in “The Hindu” Newspaper.

And the CSR conducted the special camp in the name of “Odor free Chennai” on 28th January 2013 in Valluvar Kottam garbage transfer station. Social welfare Minister Mrs. P. Valarmathi and Mayor Mr.S.Duraisamy are came as special guest and inaugurating the camp. The representatives of C.S.R demonstrated the EM.

Stars Of Chennai

"Children are the hands by which we take hold of heaven”

“Stars of Chennai” it was the noble entertainment program which was conducted on 2nd Feb 2013 at Kamarajar Arangam by “Plus Dream makers” and we tied up with us. We helped to organize the mega event.


This entertainment program was made for underprivileged, physically, mentally, visually challenged children’s to make them happy. Many television stars and cine stars are came and entertain the children’s by their wonderful performances.


We encouraged the social responsibilities of the Stars and honored them by the award given in the name of “STARS OF CHENNAI” Really the program was makes the happiness to all those children’s and stars.

Women’s Day Award Program.

On 10th March 2013, we associated with the “Plus dream makers” and celebrate the International Women’s Day by the concept of giving awards to women’s in the name of “PENN”. For the First time in India we executed the award ceremony to their Door steps by the intention of praising the women’s who are achieving in the various fields. "PENN" The Force Behind a felicitation for Women who are the force behind, motivation, sacrifice and love behind each and every success. Name List of the awardees

Manasa Home – Special program

On April 7th 2013 we conducted the food distribution and cultural program at Manasa home - Maduravoyal for Special Children’s. In this ceremony our volunteers are actively participated and make the children’s very happy. With the distribution of food we support and enhance them in participation of their live. SHASHA Foundation means to live solidarity and to develop empathy towards human beings trough giving from the heart! Our deep desire in distributing the food is to develop love to God and his creation. Our foundation is an example for living together in harmony. Sharing is very important.

Nalam – Veethi Nadagam

On Apr 14th 2013, we did an Awareness Street Play in Kodambakkam around the public. Our SHASHA family members are wonderfully performed the play. By this program we create awareness about the concept of “Onrey Kulam Oruvaney Devan, Street parliament, and Noise pollution” It appealed to everyone to realize the need of the street parliament among the area. The play spreads awareness and ultimately brings them to think on their social responsibility.

Majorly we targeted towards youth can really stir up emotions, create awareness and lead the way towards positive change. Important tool in creating awareness, empowering the youth and utilizing our right to freedom of speech and expression positively. This colloquial form of drama connects with the youth instantly.

Labors Day Celebration

On May 1st 2013 we joined with Gold heart foundation and celebrated the Labors day celebration by the way of honoring 108 Ambulance service workers and Fire Service workers. The Both Department is most precious and to be appreciated services. Certain situations in life require immediate medical care and a fraction of a second delay can drastically change somebody’s life. The 108 ambulance service is very important in society as they save hundreds of lives daily by responding to emergency calls.

Firefighters are rescuers extensively trained in firefighting, primarily to extinguish hazardous fires that threaten property and civilian or natural populations and to rescue people from dangerous situations, like as collapsed or burning buildings.

We are very proud to honor them by the way of giving awards. We presenting awards at a special ceremony are a good way to honor workers who have shown outstanding commitment and accomplished big things. It shows approval and gratitude for each person's good job, and it makes people aware that good work will be rewarded. It shows others, such as the general public and others, Recognition motivates others to strive for excellence and we all benefit from it. Being rewarded for doing well is one of the biggest incentives anyone can receive.

And also we released our Short film “Padikattu” teaser on that special ceremony.


The above one year “Shasha” crosses many stages and the journey were motivated us to work with more spirit its raises our involvement and effectiveness in the social work field. It is my pleasure duty to thank all those who have happily contributed works and participation. I acknowledge and appreciate the efforts of the members for their cooperation. I heartily thank them for their active involvement in all activities. Thanks for all members who rendered their great service even in their busy schedule .Our Foundation are proud of very active and dedicated members.